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Better Fitness, Better Riding


Better Fitness,
Better Riding

The Equestrian Fitness Academy (EFA) is a holistic online program with categorized fitness training, nutrition, and mindset programs guaranteed to improve riders from the inside out.

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Are you a rider who is...

  • Struggling to find time to workout
  • Rehabbing a previous riding injury
  • Struggles with symmetry and balance
  • Not a 'gym' person, and finds yourself doing random online workouts
  • Lacking support to achieve your desired results
  • Confused about how to implement fitness routines into your busy life
  • Feeling overwhelmed with all the ‚Äėrider fitness‚Äô information out there
  • Looking to further improve the effectiveness of their hand and leg aids

What if you could...

  • Develop a routine that fits into your busy life
  • Become a more confident rider who is not focused on any ailments and injuries that have been plaguing your riding 
  • Build Stability & Suppleness, leading to more independence in your seat 
  • Have your own program that told you what, when and why you're doing each exercise, stretch, and movement
  • Rely on a support system adding accountability, which gives you constructive feedback
  • Have more confidence in developing your new fitness routine and habits
  • Improve your connection mentally and physically to your horse with simple meditations and mindfulness tips

Join a holistic online program for riders focusing on fitness training, nutrition, and mindset to improve the rider from the inside out.

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Empowering Riders of All Disciplines


Whether you're a hunter/jumper, polo athlete, eventer, vaulter, or trail rider, each program is tailored to your unique fitness needs. Every discipline, from the finesse of dressage to the ruggedness of bull-riding, requires physical stability, suppleness, strength, and stamina. EFA is designed to enhance these attributes, promoting better communication with your horse, improved performance, and injury prevention. Swipe and look through the different disciplines in the program.

Join EFA and learn how equestrian-focused fitness can significantly enhance your performance across any riding discipline.

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Pillars of Equestrian Training

Pillars of Equestrian Training

What are the benefits of EFA?

benefits of EFA

Did you know?

Listen to the Pro's

It's time to prioritize your fitness,
not just your horse's

Are you an equestrian competitor who: 

  • Struggles with body control
  • Carries tension in your shoulders
  • Experiences¬†low back pain after riding
  • Tends to hold their breath when riding
  • Struggles with posture and core strength
  • Struggles with flexibility and range of motion
  • Has anxiety¬†and struggles to calm your¬†mind

        If you're experiencing any of these - There's a solution for that...

       Better Fitness = Better Riding

12 Week Programs

EFA Ultimate Includes

  • Fun & effective workouts with a new phase of training every 4 weeks
  • Weekly ‚Äėgroup‚Äô video coaching calls
  • Private group message support and accountability
  • Private EFA App
  • Inquire about exclusive (member) discounts¬†
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12 Week Programs

EFA Elite Coaching Includes

  • Tailored programs you can do at home, the barn or gym
  • Unlimited 1-1 access with messaging
  • Monthly Personal Coaching Calls
  • Personalized Exercise Video Feedback
  • Consistent communication
  • Build Sustainable Habits
  • Rider specific mobility programs
  • Private EFA App (Apple & Android Devices)
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Podcast Features:

Be more effective in the saddle


With over 8 years as an equestrian performance coach, I've guided riders through various fitness challenges towards their riding goals. 

Through my experience and expertise I have developed a systemized process to training equestrian riders. I transform their performance by addressing their weaknesses and targeting what's necessary to become a better rider.

The Equestrian Fitness Academy is the culmination of my signature "3 Jump System" that addresses the 4 core pillars, teaching you how to overcome your fitness and wellness hurdles in as little as 12 weeks!

Let's have some fun!

Join me as I guide you to the best journey you'll make towards...

Better Fitness, Better Riding.
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Body weight training can improve coordination, speed, power, etc.

The Loughborough University study in the U.K agreed that 98.3% of those surveyed agreed that rider fitness has an impact on performance.

You are more likely to make positive health behavior changes if your partner does too.

Participants who signed up for an online exercise program experienced not only improvements in their physical well being, but in their pyschological and social well being too!

Core training can improve skill performance among athletes

Horse riding has a positive impact on individual mental health.

Riding alone does not improve your aerobic fitness or muscular strength

your core is activated before your lower and upper body produce movements


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