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Building core stability increases the connection and independence in your seat when riding.



Improving suppleness has major effects on the relaxation you feel and relay to your horse.



Harnessing strength is the ability to use effective force at the right moments when riding.



Riders with better stamina endure the physical challenges faced while riding for longer.

Fitness Training for Equestrians

The Equestrian Fitness Academy (EFA) is a holistic online program with categorized fitness training, nutrition, and mindset programs geared to improve riders from the inside out.

The program's signature system helps riders in the 4 pillars equestrians often look to improve upon (Stability, Suppleness, Strength & Stamina). This signature program was designed to strengthen, center, and align each rider with their horse, enhancing performance in 12 weeks.

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My Story


My journey began as a general fitness trainer at a small gym working with a diverse group of clients. I really enjoyed working with a variety of people, but I was always looking for ways to provide transformations for my clients that would set me apart from other trainers.

In early 2014, a new client joined the gym. She looked like she just left the barn with her worn breeches and scuffed tall boots.

She knew exactly what she wanted to do— become more “fit to ride” after her fall it had an effect on her confidence and performance in the saddle. She also planned on showing again, because she really missed the feeling of competing professionally. 

I knew I could coach her to reach these goals!

With every session, we worked on training and mindset techniques that boosted her abilities to do what she loved without pain and address her subconscious beliefs and fears.

After working with this client, several other competitive equestrians sought my professional services to assist them with their mental and physical partnerships with their horses. 

My goal is to help YOU improve stability, build better posture, and enhance your alignment in the saddle for years to come.

Current Areas of Services

Hear What My Clients Have To Say...

"I’ve been working with Ifa for a few years now and can’t say enough great things about his program and his training methods. He always comes with a positive attitude and really takes the time to listen to his clients about their wants and needs.

As a full time equestrian professional, he’s an invaluable resource as much of what I do on the daily is physically demanding yet specific to the sport of riding, and he always takes the extra time to understand what issues or limitations I’m griping about at the moment!

His program has helped me feel better physically and also overcome some weaknesses and limitations in the saddle. I recommend him to all my clients and friends and they all love him too!"

- Jennifer W.

Ifa kickstarted my journey getting back into shape. I have had a pretty sedentary work lifestyle and needed to be ease back to working out.

First, he took the time to sit and have a consultation with me to review what my overall lifestyle habits were. He truly listened to my needs and developed a plan around that. Ifa gave solid recommendations on how I could holistically improve my eating, working, & sleeping habits to maximize the benefits of his program. 

In my first session, I was a tad nervous that I would be so out of shape that the workout would be a struggle. Ifa set aside those fears. From our consultation he knew my capacity and gradually through our sessions he increased what I could do. He held each session with humor and guidance that was fair and clear.

I would highly recommend Ifa to any client that is looking for a trained professional that will not only help you succeed in your exercise goals, but overall goals to get healthy!

- Glenette B.





Ifa helps to educate and improve rider’s balance, core stability in the saddle, using his signature AAA method. In this fun and interactive clinic, riders are in small groups and work through a series of assessments. After the assessment, we address the body’s biomechanical movement, posture, and position. These results often explain why certain habits take place in the saddle and how much they influence their horse’s movements. Ifa will help you activate the right muscles and movements with exercises and stretches to increase suppleness and strength.

Are you a clinician looking to collaborate and combine expertise?

 Combined clinics give riders the added benefits of implementing what they learned the same day!



Ifa constructs the rider wellness workshops to be fun, digestible and actionable. Riders are given relevant information to improve their riding, with exercises that influence physical progress and tactics to boost behavioral changes. Cross-training is amongst the newest aspects in the equestrian world. It’s an important phenomenon that equestrians must add into their daily lives in order to increase athleticism and boost riding performance. They must train the mind and body consistently to create lasting habits and implement these systems in their daily lives.  

These workshops are 60-90 minutes and address common health, exercise, and wellness information pertaining to building healthier riders mentally, physically and nutritionally. Riders learn exactly how to implement the knowledge shared into their daily life and routine immediately!



This workout experience takes place ‘in-person OR virtual’ for barns, teams, groups, organizations, and anyone looking to improve their fitness and performance. The 60 minute total body workout improves the stability, balance, and strength of each rider. During this workout, riders focus on the 4 core pillars  

1. Stability  2. Suppleness 3. Strength 4. Stamina 

My training helps you learn new and classic exercises with simple functional bodyweight movements, and supplements resistance bands, weights and more helping riders prepare for any physical obstacles. The format and style enhances rider coordination using a variety of exercises and workout stations, prompting more effective and time sensitive aids in the saddle. Time efficient cardio intervals add challenging, yet beneficial ways for riders to gain stamina, muscle awareness and reaction time, limiting injury and fatigue.

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