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Ride Stronger: Transform your rider fitness homework out with these must-have fitness tools

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Must have home gym fitness tools

As the world continues to change, so does the fitness industry. With the growing trend towards home workouts, it's important to have the right fitness tools to maximize your home workout experience. Today, I'll explore the must-have fitness tools for home workouts and what I highly advise all my clients to have.

1. Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are a great, versatile and space-saving piece of equipment essential for home workouts. The adjustable weights make it easy to increase or decrease the weight to match your strength and fitness levels. Depending on your choice of dumbbells they can be perfect for travel! These adjustable dumbbells are generally more affordable than regular sets of dumbbells, since you only have to buy one set. This space saving, durable pair of dumbbells is perfect for your home gym saving you space, this rack only takes a small footprint of your space and can easily fit in the corner of any room. 

2. Balance Pods

The most inexpensive yet extremely valuable fitness tool are the balance pods. Perfect for improving balance, coordination, and strength. Balance pods help to increase core stability, proprioception, and so much more. This tool is great for riders because of its functional ability to mimic specific muscles used in the saddle. Balance pods can be incorporated into a variety of exercises, making them even more versatile. More than anything these pods are extremely easy to use and transport when you’re on the road to horse shows, making them great for all riders on the go.

3. Stability Ball

Depending on where you are in the world, stability balls are also known as swiss balls, exercise, yoga, physio or fitness balls. They are a favorite tool of mine for a host of reasons and provide several benefits for riders specifically.

If you are looking to improve your stability and balance in the saddle, consider adding a stability ball into your fitness  program. This amazing, yet simple tool encourages you to focus on engaging your core muscles that help to maintain your balance, similar to  while we're riding. Not only will this help you build deep, essential core muscles, but it will also help to lower and prevent back pain amongst other issues that come with extended sitting. Depending on your program in EFA, you’ll use the stability ball in a variety of different frequencies, but the end goal remains the same; better core muscles help with better riding skills. This added strength and understanding builds more flexibility, a deeper seat and comfort in the saddle. However, the stability ball isn't only for exercises and should be used for isolated movements as well as total body stretches that target the right muscles in the ranges of motion specific to what we need. Consistency and dedication with the stability ball will help you achieve a greater sense of stability, suppleness, strength and stamina in the saddle. If you’re not sure which stability ball is best for your height and weight, check this guide to help you make the best decisions.

4. Resistance Bands

More than anything else, resistance bands are an affordable and space saving alternative to dumbbell weights. Every rider and barn should have a set of bands available for warm-ups, workouts and cool downs. A lot of us get side tracked when we’re away from home and our typical routine. Don’t let your life travel and show schedule derail you from your dedication to your rider fitness journey. These ‘super-band’ style resistance bands are a portable and versatile solution for riders on the go. Bands offer a range of benefits for riders like enhancing core stability, improving leg strength, and maintaining overall fitness to name a few. You can typically perform most of your dumbbell variation exercises in the comfort of your hotel room, outdoors or any small space, replicating the effects of a home gym. They are lightweight, compact, and easy to pack, making them a perfect travel companion for equestrians looking to stay fit, maintain progress and performance while on the road. Invest in a travel-friendly all-in-one resistance tubing band set and ensure your equestrian fitness journey continues uninterrupted, no matter where your travels take you.

Both band options are perfect for targeting riding specific muscle groups and can be used for a range of exercises, from squats to bicep curls and core strengthening. Resistance bands aren’t just for strengthening but also great for improving your suppleness by helping you create more overall flexibility and mobility.